Picturesque Bled, Slovenia

Bled Island - Slovenia

Bled Island - Slovenia

Leaving beautiful Budapest behind, heading west-south-west towards the Lake Balaton and then onwards all the way to Bled, Slovenia takes about 5 hours of driving over newly build and repaved highway system of those central European nations. Breathtaking vistas, wineries, tunnels and a relative lack of traffic makes the trip very comfortable and extremely enjoyable. Continue reading Picturesque Bled, Slovenia

Fun Fact: Weekend Getaway

San Diego Boston Dublin Google Maps

San Diego Boston Dublin Google Maps

You might not know but if the length of the flight is an issue when you travel, next time you look for a weekend getaway you might consider… Europe. For example, If you leave from Boston Logan International it would take you 6 hours and 20 minutes before you land in San Diego, some 2581 miles away. But the flight to  Dublin is 15 minutes shorter (6 hours and 5 minutes) despite being over 400 miles longer (2983 miles). San Diego is 3 time zones apart, while Dublin is 5! What? You didn’t know? I thought so. Please share other interesting comparisons in the comments below.

A sea-like lake – Balaton, Hungary

Just a little over 55 miles (90 kilometers) outside of Budapest (check our impression of this beautiful city here) due south-west lies a hidden gem – a sea-like lake, Balaton, that allows landlocked Hungarians to enjoy the activities normally reserved to citizens of countries with direct access to the sea. Continue reading A sea-like lake – Balaton, Hungary

Kayak Explore – weekend traveler’s dream

If you want to get away from it all, go where you have not been before, but your resources include only a limited budget and just a weekend to spare? Well, check out new service from KayakKayak Explore. Continue reading Kayak Explore – weekend traveler’s dream

TIP: Packing for the trip

I would like to start the Tips series with an article on the basics of traveling. While preparing for the trip great deal of time is spent on packing. Everyone knows the importance of having all the necessary stuff available to them while on the road. Preparing for any type of situation is crucial. I might get warm, even hot. It might rain, with a tendency for torrential downpours. And if the route leads through any kind of mountainous terrain – it might combine all of the above. And travelling light, often with just a carry-on seems ideal. But, what is the best way to prepare for the unexpected? How do you stuff clothes for 10 days into just a carry-on? And who is the expert on that? Continue reading TIP: Packing for the trip

Budapest – Hungarian Gem

Hi! It’s Liz here and it is my first entry! I chose Budapest as my first destination. It was among the biggest surprises of our tour of Europe last year (more on the tour itself later). Even after extensive preparations, reading up on the culture, cuisine and the people, I didn’t know what to expect. Was the city going to be crowded with tourists or dirty, noisy and inhospitable? Continue reading Budapest – Hungarian Gem

Let’s get started!

“Every Great Adventure Must Start Somewhere”


Then it is here where ours begin. So sit down and enjoy the Adventure.